Casa Cava

Matera, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019, is home to many museums and exhibition spaces including the Casa Cava (Quarry House), the only underground cultural center in the world. It is located among the city’s atmospheric Sassi (ancient cave dwellings), which provided the backdrop to films such as Pasolini’s 'The Gospel According to St. Matthew', 'Ben Hur', 'Passion' and numerous other historical epics. Originally a part of ‘tufo’ quarry (which was subsequently abandoned), the restored space inside the Casa Cava is a symbol of the city’s cultural renaissance. It is also one of the Centers for Creativity within the ‘Urban Visions of Basilicata’ project. Casa Cava is accessible by car or on foot passing along roads and paths that wind through a maze of cave dwellings, tunnels, churches, and ancient walls. Inside, its ten spaces surround a modern auditorium which can accommodate nearly one hundred and fifty people.Within its spaces and auditorium is written: "An experience that leads us to mentally uncover the superstructure of appearances and to go in search of inner depths." "It is a journey of sudden glimpses that helps you reach the place (imaginary and real) where art operates: on feelings and archetypes, on unexpressed needs and sorrows, on passions and reflections." "It has by nature a special sound, which seems to have transcended the purposes for which it was excavated – an acquired otherness, connected to its acoustical properties." 


How to reach: 


Casa Cava

Via S. Pietro Barisano, 47

75100 Matera

Tel.: + 39 3456158722